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Trulia sales staff lied to me, blatantly. I was sold 20% of the leads for a particular zip code and I got paperwork to prove it.

I never got the leads for that zip code. Further, when I tried to contact Trulia, I was never able to reach an actual human, whether over the phone or using email. I tried to reach them over and over again for months. I finally had to cancel my credit card after several weeks.

Then, Trulia told my credit card company that I signed a contract. The credit card company asked for proof of that, and Trulia couldn't provide it, because there was no contract. They then tried to say that they'd informed me on the receipt that there was a contract. The credit card company stood up for me.

It's been nearly a year since all of this started. I never had one single phone call or email returned from anyone at Trulia about the complaints, and had to go file a complaint with the State. Even though I got most of my money back, Trulia sent me a letter saying that they were going to send me to a collection agency, and sue me to ruin my credit for more money. Now, I'm trying to figure out who to see about that, because I think that's a federal law they are breaking there, too.

I keep reading all of these reviews, and I wonder how they are not in jail or shut down already. I tried to do my research first. If someone just puts Trulia reviews in the search bars they will only get all of the Trulia marketing material when they try to do any homework about Trulia before buying. I read a few employee reviews on Glassdoor, where former sales people said that they were made to lie to customers by management, and that they quit because management also lied to the sales people.

The leads I did get for other zip codes besides the one I paid for were all bogus. When I went on some of the complaint websites I saw that Trulia always says that they reviewed the terms and conditions with the customer who complained. But everyone says they never got any phone calls from Trulia or any response to their complaints. This company is the worst group of scam artists I know of in the United States today.

Trulia should be held to account for the actions of their employees. They steal from agents and brokers and continue because of the inaction of Trulia management. it seems to me that they must know that their employees are liars and thieves or the company would have someone answer the phone and emails to customer services. I think they are hiding so they can pretend to not know what is going on when the company gets busted but I hope they all go to jail, even the President of the company.

If you didn't give them your credit card yet, don't. If Trulia was really a legit company who delivered what they are selling, everyone would stay with them forever but they are liars and that's why there's a problem.

The stupidest thing I've ever heard them say was that it takes skill to convert the leads they send, when you just get a phone number that is out of service or an email that says the address is invalid. Convert that.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of lied to by staff and no return calls from staff. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of trulia customer care and associated monetary loss in the amount of $2900. Trulia needs to "i want a public apology and i want trulia to stop committing fraud" according to poster's claims.

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