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Why did you guys screw up the photo gallery? It used to be so much nicer and user friendly.

There was nothing wrong with it, but you messed it up. I'm sure your product managers thought they would make something cool. They failed. Fire them, please!!!

When you open up the images, why can't I see the prices anymore? I have to close and open again. And when I open again, I have to scroll through photos again. When I move through photos, the thumbnails stay in place.

Amateur UX mistake. The scrolling effect sucks. It makes me dizzy as I look through the photos. I liked it when a photo was simply replaced by another.

I knew what happened. It was right there. There was nothing wrong with it. On top of it, I have to close that *** tab that opens on the right, thinking that it will make the image bigger...

Unfortunately, the image stays small and crappy. It used to look awesome before. Large, detailed... now it just sucks.

You guys are just like every other website out there and screw things up by "improving" them. You used to be the coolest website around for finding homes, or just for browsing around the neighborhoods. But now.... you're worse than craigslist.

I hope your business fails so you can finally let go of your product managers. I beg you, please fire them and revert the site to how it was before. The cool website that simply delivered. I'm going to write reviews and complaints all over the place until you fix it.

Your SEO results are going to make your go bankrupt. Unhappily yours...

Product or Service Mentioned: Trulia Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Fix your damn site!.

I liked: Old site.

I didn't like: New site.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #1295229

Right on

Rutland, Vermont, United States #1290665

Agree and other functions terrible also, filters, searches this app is getting deleted

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